The dept. of economics is well equipped with two qualified and committed lecturers.  The dept. is practicing application-oriented teaching methods involving student community with live examples and strong theoretical background.  The important tools like quantitative skills and software like spss, excel are also discussed as additional resources.  

            The students are also exposed to the patterns of  competitive and academic examinations.  For this purpose subjects like Indian Economy and AP economy are given as additional inputs. 

            The dept. is also active in organizing various useful extra curricular activities through its Amartyasen Club.  Ex. Spread of Financial Literacy in the adopted nearby hamlets.  


            The predominance of first generation students with poor English communication/learning  skills is the biggest aspect hindering the possible higher pass percentage in the university external examinations. 

            The hostels are very far and the non availability of proper transportation facilities for the students has a great impact on students learning opportunities.  


            The students are lucky enough to have a common PGCET and other CETs conducted by APSCHE every academic year.  These higher education opportunities with reasonable financial support and hostel facilities are boon to the students to pursue their goals.  The dept. is capable enough to provide training and make students exposed to previous papers etc.,

            The frequent academic visit to the existing  numerouslocal nearby junior colleges certainly would provide a catchment area for the sustainable  intake every academic year.

            There exists various opportunities for the benefit of students in terms of competitive exams, extracurricular, cultural activities.  The dept. is quite happy to create awareness and provide a helping hand every time to push the students to make use of these valuable chances.  


            Most of the students are inclined to other specialisations like telugu, English, history and political science and not so much attracted to the subject of economics.  Amidst this scenario, teaching economics becomes tough unlike post graduation where economics becomes the one and only core subject. 

            Creating interest in the subject is the biggest challenge at graduation level.  The dept. is sincerely trying to create interest in the subject by providing ample exposure to financial literacy and in depth linking of the other above mentioned subjects through applied teaching methods. 

            Adoption of ICT to impart econometrics tools is also a biggest challenge to cope up with the present day societal needs of the subject economics.