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To offer qualitative, comprehensive tutelage and pedagogy which equips the learner –stakeholders with knowledge and skills in their chosen branches of learning; and to infuse the sought-after ethics, ideals and integrity; and to discover and tap the inherent capabilities; and to expose them to various avenues of employability which unleash their latent potentials to realize their long-cherished goals and dreams and thus transforming them into holistic individuals endowed with self-reliance , leadership qualities and humanity.


  • To exert to impart modular education with the precept of ‘education towards enrichment’ and prepare the young minds to be imbibed with knowledge , skills and sensibility,
  • to address the scholastic needs, without any prejudice or sectionalism, of the socially and economically under privileged the sections of the society whose wards are devoid of the right to knowledge,
  • to disseminate knowledge in such a way that the learners should obtain the competencies and skills to seek employability and pursue higher education and research,
  • to adopt and furnish the learner-centered approach and environment with the up-to-date state of the art technical wisdom to empower the students and to enlarge their sphere of knowledge,
  • to extend the value-based and employment -guaranteed education to foster the financial empowerment through the motto ‘campus to industry’ orientated academic curriculum,
  • ultimately, in compliance to the policies of the University and the Government with focus on sharing and spreading knowledge, it is aimed to transform the students from being learners to become professionals by acquiring the needed the confidence and to attain employment