Department of Zoology


To inhere among the students, the highest values of life, respect for nature and to inculcate
sound acquisition of knowledge of animal sciences through quality education and practices.


To provide an opportunity for the first generation learners to get a basic understanding of
animal science and prepare them for either higher studies or self-employment.
To develop entrepreneurial skills in applied biological sciences.


Imparting quality education in Zoology has been the focus of the department right from its inception.
Emphasis is given on education both within and outside the classroom.
The Department is dedicated to fulfil the following objectives through the curricular and cocurricular

  •  To provide students with knowledge of fundamental principles in zoology that will provide a
    foundation for their later advanced course in more specific biological subjects.
  • To make students familiar with animal classification schemes and other applied courses as well as
    developing an understanding of and ability to apply basic zoological principles.
  • To integrate the laboratory and lecture sections of the course and directed toward teaching students
    both in the classroom and on the field.
  • To provide quality education offering skill based programs and motivate the students for self-
    employment in applied branches of Zoology.
  • To inculcate the value based education and entrepreneurial skills among the students.
  •  To create awareness on environmental issues through various activities.